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Mon Mar 09, 2020 11:56 am


I recently rebuild an old tour with the latest Pano2VR version 6.1.2 pro 64bit on windows 10, and I noticed that the tours do not have the HTML Page Title anymore in the browser TAB.
I do not know exactly what version it went wrong but I did a quick check in the html template file.

In the Output field in HTML I select the normal.ggt template and when I edit the settings I put in the "HTML Page Title" ..... I have the variable text "$(upt)" to have the node title in the browser TAB. This setting resulted in the old versions in a <title><HTML Page Title></title> line in the index.html output file. This is no longer working in the newest version. It looks like all variables are not working anymore, only when I put there a plain textIine I get the string between the <title></title> line.

Could this be a bug in the latest version ?


Windows 10 Pro x64, Pano2VR pro V6 , Browser latest Firefox
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