3d transition with zdepth pass rendered frm 3d software.

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Thu Feb 20, 2020 6:38 am

I dont know why 3d transition is still not the feature of pano2vr. 360 panorama image and Zdepth pass can be easily rendered in 3d rendering software.

see the link below this type of 360 pano looks more real and immersive. it feels like user is inside 3 dimension world.

https://www.motivacg.com/softwaredownlo ... a/rtxepic/
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Thu Feb 20, 2020 9:47 am

It looks realy nice but I think that has to do with an entirely different rendering engine than just spherical images outputted as tiles. You're example seems to have renders from the interior. Do you have an example with 'just' 360 photographs?
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Thu Feb 20, 2020 11:40 am

Hi Guys,
At the moment such transitions tend to fall apart if the locations are not symmetrical.
In the link given, it depends where you are moving to in the room, to how good the transition looks.
As an example look at this GIF

ScreenFlow.gif (2.63 MiB) Viewed 1475 times

This is the transition moving to the window, it's just nasty!
If you're moving alongside the wall with nice straight lines then it will look good.

So an outside tour moving through streets, forests etc will not look good at all.
To this end cross dissolving between nodes with zoom in before and after is far better.

This does have the potential to be excellent and is on our to-do list.
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Sun Mar 15, 2020 3:28 am

this was wonder one
how you give change node animation effects good ,can you explain it.
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