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Mon Nov 11, 2019 8:19 pm

Hi All,

Does anyone have a more robust explanation of what the multiresolution option does in Pano2vr other than,

"Multiresolution breaks an image down into multiple levels (or layers) so that every zoom level has good resolution on every screen."?

I was always under the impression that the multiresolution feature made it so that when a device accessed the tour on (for example) a slow internet connection, that the lower resolution image would be loaded first in an attempt to smooth out the loading experience as opposed to having to download an entire single resolution image which could take a minute on slow mobile connections.

Am I wrong about this? There is hardly any documentation that I can find on the topic.

Hopki? Anyone? : :D Thanks!
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Mon Nov 11, 2019 10:23 pm

To view the (say 6000 x 3000 px) panorama takes time to download the full image because of the internet connection speed the device is using. Faster speed eg 1 GBps (1000 megabyte) is relatively fast and the 6k x 3k pano would not hardly take any time. Slower connection speed... same full sized image takes longer to serve and display.

Multiresolution feature slices and dices the large panorama into smaller tile sets (resolutions). Only the needed tiles for display window area are served.... when the display is rotated left, right, up or down ... then the window area next group of tiles are served and displayed. Net result fewer tiles need to be delivered which make it seem like a faster download. You do not have to download ALL of the panorama to start viewing the image.

Or it might be a combination of your description and above information.

At least that is what I think is going on....
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