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Thumbnail Menu With Categories Option "All" Doesn't need.

Posted: Sat Aug 31, 2019 5:38 pm
by amit.rajnaik
Dear Concern,

I am preparing a new Tour & I have used a In-Built component "Thumbnail Menu with Categories". But upon clicking on the Burger i.e. "Three Lines Menu" the first thing appears is "All" & the count of Panos come ahead of "All". I do not require that "All" Option & when Menu (Burger) option is pressed there should be direct Pano Thumbnail visibility.

I tried deleting the text, but not working.

Kindly help me out.

Re: Thumbnail Menu With Categories Option "All" Doesn't need.

Posted: Mon Sep 02, 2019 11:25 pm
by Hopki
You are using the wrong component, you want the thumbnail menu.
You just need to configure it to be vertical.
Please see the attached project.

This is a 6.1 beta project so I have also used the cool new CSS size.
If you look at the thumbnail_menu element, the scroll area, you will see it is positioned 50px down.
But then the Height is set to units CSS and:

Code: Select all

calc(100% -100px)
What this does is set the menu 50px down from the top and 50px up from the bottom.
But will scale 100% between these settings.