Figure Out Tour GPU Usage?

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Sun Aug 11, 2019 1:39 am


Is there a way to figure out how much processing power your tour is using?

The reason I ask is because some of the tours I create have over a thousand actions and then when you add in a few variables then it can get quite busy and even messy if things are not configured perfectly (maybe forgot to remove some action or variable that didn't work on the surface but was doing something underneath it all).

I am noticing that my phone is getting a little warm to the touch when viewing a certain tour. this doesn't normally happen with this tour but after adding a ton of actions I am noticing my phone is getting warm and that there is a screen glitch that happens periodically....every 10 seconds or so....and then goes away, comes back, etc..... This one has a lot of variables and actions so I want to be sure that there isn't some script looping in the background that is hogging up all the gpu's power. If I could see tour resource usage then I would know whether or not a tour is running higher than normal.

Would be great to have a tool to pinpoint possible action issues that cannot be seen as well.

Other than that, the tour works perfectly :D
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desperately waiting to get one of my questions answered :) here is what I know. In an earlier thread someone asked about the right pc to buy and I think it was Thomas who said that the more cores the better. Gpu would not be used (other than to show a picture or a video...). So on PC you could look at your task manager and on mobile there might surely be an app av.
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Sun Aug 18, 2019 11:13 pm

Yes, I too read that Pano2vr does not use the GPU graphical processor. I have seen forum comments with attachments that showed the CPU charts where it will use ALL your PC Task Manager CORE's.

We use an older PC i7-4770S runs at 3.10 Ghz with 4 Cores. Pano2vr uses all 4 and 8 logical processors.

We have a 1 graphics card with GPU 0 and GPU 1 which the chart looks like its not being used (3%.
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