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Searching someone to learn with / from

Posted: Thu Jul 18, 2019 6:37 pm
by chris15326
Hey there! :mrgreen:

I need to learn how to build stunning skins within pano2vr's skin editor asap but since I hate it to learn or do things totally alone I wanted to ask if anybody in here is interested to go on this journey together with me or even teach me one or two things :mrgreen:
I'm not starting at zero since I work inside of pano2vr for a short time now already, so at least I know the basics and worked through a lot of the tutorials and the LinkedIn workshop as well

Its just that doing stuff like that alone makes you feel so... alone :D

My personal goal is to not waste any time and trying to come as far as I can within one week.
One of my first milestones would to be able to recreate the awesome skin from the tallinn university:

Thanks for your answers ( of course you can also pm me), have a great day and take care!

With kind regards