Google maps debacle - still using Google services?

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Thu May 23, 2019 9:01 am

After the „Google debacle“ last year I stopped to use Google maps. The reason was because of Google fuzzy decisions, sometimes „out of the blue“. I spend over a month of my work just fixing maps of the projects I made for my customers or partners... and I am still fixing on my geographic projects. Not mentioning the financial and moral damage caused by Google – it is not easy to explain to customers that when I was implementing maps, I didn't know that Google will change the policy. My decision to stop using Google services seems to be right as the company is following the local government (Bolshevism like) political decisions instead of considering the global community.
Open source maps are working very fine and API leaflet is at the moment the most optimal decision for me.
My question is: are you still using Google maps and why? Did you have the same problems fixing maps backward for your custumers?
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