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Problem placing nodes on tour map/floorplan

Posted: Wed Jan 23, 2019 3:37 pm
by BrideValley
Hi everyone,
I am getting pretty frustrated when I try to place nodes on a custom floorplan in Pano2VR V6.02 Pro. Most of the time after lining the node up by dragging with the mouse and letting go of the left button the node moves. It almost always moves up the screen and sometimes to the left. It probably doesn't move far enough to make much of a difference but it is extremely annoying and I can't stop trying to get it right. This involves a degree of guesswork as the "shift" is not consistent and it can often take 6 or more goes to get it spot on. When you have a tour with 250 nodes as I do today this is slowing me down (and therefore costing me money).
I am using a 28" 4K screen and the Tour Map panel fills most of it. I have had the same issue on a 24" HD monitor too.
It has occurred to me that this problem wouldn't be half so bad if there was a "pixel nudge" option when lining up nodes. Something simple like Ctrl+Left, Right, Up & Down (as these key combinations don't seem to do anything when the Tour Map panel has focus) would be really helpful - any chance of this being added any time soon?
Whilst we're at it, how about a keyboard shortcut to rotate the selected node by 90 degrees? Alt+Left, Right would do it. This would really save some time when positioning nodes.
Thanks for reading this!

Re: Problem placing nodes on tour map/floorplan

Posted: Wed Sep 18, 2019 11:25 pm
by BrideValley
Oh, and can anyone tell me why zooming in on the Tour Map is done with a mouse wheel scroll in one direction but you need to scroll the wheel in the opposite direction in the Panorama Viewer panel? It doesn't make sense to me!