Streaming 360 surroiund video on my own server the as on Youtube (?)

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Tue Jan 15, 2019 10:06 am

I am quite a while with 360 surround video production and actually never bothered with the streaming on my own server. My 360 surround videos were for off-line use so it was not a problem to prepare a PC for viewing. I had some videos on my server, „packaged“ with p2vr skin but that was a problem as people didn't have the proper codec for viewing – well Edge can do that but not Mozilla or Chrome. So I uploaded video to Youtube where it was displayed O.K. Even for people without installed codec, like K-Lite Codec Pack...
So now the question... is there going to be a „standalone“ version of p2vr which will provide independent streaming as it is on Youtube now? – the way that the viewers don't need to bother with installing codec.
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Wed Jan 16, 2019 8:34 pm

Hi Bostjan,
The problem has always been video resolution and the browser.
Pano2VR uses the native browser support, so a 4K video may not play but 3840 x 1920 may do.
2048 x 1024 plays without problem.

When your encoding your video you need to make sure i sit web friendly.
As an example HandBrake has a check box for web optimisation, this places the MP4 container header at the start of the file, optimising it for streaming across the web.

Also have a word with your host provider about optimising for video streaming.
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