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Combing multiple Google tours

Posted: Wed Nov 14, 2018 1:34 pm
by DaveWhiteside
Looking for advice about publishing 8+ Google SV 5-pano tours and combining them in a single hosted Pano2VR UI with menu navigation, hotspot info-cards & booking links. I also want to add future SV tours to the UI as needed.
TIA, Dave

Re: Combing multiple Google tours

Posted: Wed Nov 14, 2018 9:41 pm
by Hopki
HI Dave,
If the Street View projects are individual projects what you can do is copy one and make that the mast.
Then you can right button click in the tour browser and select add project.
You can then add the other p2vr files.

Before you do this I would put all the input images and p2vr files in the same folder.

Re: Combing multiple Google tours

Posted: Mon Aug 12, 2019 12:01 pm
by WingmanMedia
Can you guys please collaborate more on combining tours that are already on GSV. I need to connect about 8 different inside tours that have been published to GSV with the one outdoor tour that has been published to GSV too. So every indoor tour should be accessible(linked) from a close by point from the outdoor one.

As a test I tried to connect just two closeby nodes by downloading only two panoramas(one from one indoor tour and another one from the outdoor one). They have been connected after linking and republishing to GSV but they lost linking to panoramas from the tours they each belong.

The only way I see it doing right now it is to download all panoramas from all tours from GSV into Pano2VR and linking close by nodes for every tour. However all tours together are about 2200 panos and move all that data over Internet is not fun. I run out of space on my laptop very quickly and now trying to do it with a project sitting on external HDD.

Is there anything easier than moving so much data over the Internet for this type of a task?

The tours I need to connect from one client with four different place names. At this point they are sitting under my local guide account so I have full access to all of them.

Re: Combing multiple Google tours

Posted: Wed Aug 14, 2019 9:41 am
by WingmanMedia
I could make it work but it was not fun downloading 2200 panoramas from google maps and trying to find which ones I needed to join.

I run into a few problems:

1.If there is any problem with download from GSV Pano2VR creates a temporal file that is stuffing a PC. I have seen it growing to 150GB in no time and taking all available space on a PC. The only solution is to kill the program, then delete that file and try to download again. It is in App folder for a a windows user. And it does not matter that all files for a project and a project file itself is stored on eternal HDD. The temporal file is created on a system drive. Please reconsider its storage place as for a few tours that takes only 12GB having a temporal file of 150GB is a huge overkill. Not sure why it needs to be that big.

2. When you have 2200 panoramas in a space that is about 4-5 sq km it is really hard to find what you need. Both maps(world and google) are not really high resolution(google being the worst of these two). So you cannot even zoom to get as less pano pins shown in a map window and you want to be as close to each as possible. With the type of details Pano2VR offers for a map it is hard to find end points of the tours that you need to join. And that's on top that some tours I need to join are from multi level building.

Is it possible to make map zoom much bigger? I do not mind a pixilated map in this case just want to see the pins as close as possible increasing a distance between pins that are close to each other.

3. This one seems like a bug. When you have so many links(Matterport tours create a lot of excessive linking for each tour) it is hard to get the map to show all arrows for linking. So all links are there but the Map does not want to show any. You need to move the map in different directions until you catch one sweet spot when links are shown.