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Mon Sep 24, 2018 7:27 pm

Just to let you know a small issue I had after upgrading today.

After upgrading to 6.4 and loading up a recent project I was told one of my nadir files could not be located and I was presented with the option to go find it. (I have since changed from the terrible OneDrive back to Dropbox so that was the problem).
The panel that pops up to tell me this, gives the directory and file it is looking for. This is helpful in that I immediately spotted the "OneDrive vs DropBox" issue.
The problem is because the path was quite long, I couldn't see what actual file I had used and it turns out I had several versions of my nadir image stored in that folder. Which one to choose?
I eventually fiddle with the popup enough to see the end of the path and hence my file name.
Perhaps in that dialog you pop up it might be nice to split the path and file name and make the dialog such that it's text can be selected and copied. That way if the path or file name is too long to fit the dialog, at least I could copy it an paste it into a text doc or something in order to see it.

I can't wait to try the new features. Thanks! :)
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