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Mon Jun 25, 2018 11:22 pm

I've mentioned this before but I'm now approaching 150 nodes in my tour, 15 Gigapixels and what will probably be 400 hotspots. It's a tour of a school.

What I'd love to be able to do is just output certain panoramas to create sub-tours. For example of the science block, music department, sports field etc....

Now I know I can do this by deleting all but the nodes I want, re-saving as a new tour, and exporting, but that seems cumbersome and a little risky. It also means I have to duplicate lots of tiles on my web server (though I'm sure there's a way around this).

So my big feature request is just a simple CNTRL/CLICK on the nodes I want and then output as sub-tour and I'd be a happy man :-)
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Tue Jun 26, 2018 1:45 pm

Here are my thoughts on this.
If you do this from a single multi node project file and you need to rebuild the different projects again this could get messy.
What I would suggest and works now is just copy the p2vr file for each sub tour.

In the attached project I started with the main tour (main_tour.p2vr)
This has all nodes and hotspots.
I then made a copy of the pr the p2vr file and called it sub_tour_A.p2vr
I opened it and selected all the nodes I wanted to remove, pano_01 and pano_02 by holding down commend + click in the tour browser (control + click PC). Then right button click and select Remove Selected Panoramas from Tour.
Pano_03 now becomes my 1st/Start panorama.
The Hotspot that would of gone to Node two has also gone.

In the HTML5 output you need to edit the HTML and XML file paths, I used: output/sub_A.html and output/sub_A.xml
Then clicked Create Output button.

The output will now only contain the panos in the sub_A project file.

To make another sub tour do the same as above, again copying the main_tour.p2vr file and calling it sub_tourB.p2vr
This time I am removing pano_02 and pano_04.
The only difference here is you need to set the hotspots between pano_01 to pano_03 then to pano_05.
Then edit the HTML and XML file names.

What this means is you will have a project file for each sub tour which share the tiles and images folder as well as the skin and player files.
You will have separate XML and HTML files for each sub tour using the HTML page to open the tours.
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Tue Jun 26, 2018 7:33 pm

Thanks Martin

I like that as a workaround and will give it a go, but having almost completed two tours with a lot of nodes (100+), the option to just easily output a sub-tour would be hugely useful.

(The other tour was of a golf course, and as you might imagine I wanted to make 18 mini-tours).

Thanks for your timely reply though, much appreciated.
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