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Tue May 22, 2018 7:25 am

We have a doctrine for open-source and as I work with gov organisations there it is a suggestion (going to demand) to not use Google products. Previous versions supported Open Source Maps, new does one not. Is there a way to support open source again and no Google map engine?
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Tue May 22, 2018 12:52 pm

Hi Bostjan,
V5 always used the Google API but you could change map tiles providers, this probably gave the impression that you were not using Google.
In V6 we have now Leaflet API as well as the Google API so it is now possible to completely move away from Google.

Open V6, goto Tour Map and click the Green + then select Add Map.
In the properties you can then Give it a title and then choose Map tiles provider.

As an example select Custom from Map Provider and paste in:

Code: Select all{z}/{x}/{y}.jpg
You may need to click the Fit Nodes in window button to refresh and load the new map tiles.

Once you have set your map close the Tour Map.
In the skin add a map element, in the properties you select your Map from the drop down list and then you can change the API provider to Leaflet.
Publish the tour and you will now have funky looking map using the Leaflet API.
You can also use the Google API for the same tiles:

Google API

google.png (237.51 KiB) Viewed 424 times

You can see the Google branding.
Leaflet API has no branding and also woks with OpenStreetMap.
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