360 videos auto play ?

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Mon Jan 08, 2018 4:57 pm

2 questions how can i make 360 videos auto play ? in browser like safari it plays buy i have to click the window

second question is there a way to make 360 videos play using goodreader?
I think it uses internal browser that doesn't support 360 video
where where in here >??

<panorama id="node2">
<input height="500" levelbias="0.400" levelingroll="0" levelingpitch="0" leveltileurl="tiles/node2/cf_%c/l_%l/c_%x/tile_%y.jpg" width="500" overlap="1" levelbiashidpi="0.400" leveltilesize="510">
<level height="500" predecode="1" preload="1" width="500"/>
<preview strip="1" color="0x808080"/>
<video endaction="loop" format="equirectangular">
<source url="videos/006-S.mp4"/>
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