HTML5 - Inconsistent performance Android/IOS

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HTML5 - Inconsistent performance Android/IOS

Post by MGreen » Tue Oct 03, 2017 11:47 am

Hi all,
I looked around the forum but I didn't find this matter addressed.
Please check out the proto tour here - - there are embedded directional sound (Front Garden, Top of Ramp and Jetty nodes); embedded video on the TV in Lounge node and embedded image on the Kitchen bench in Kitchen node.
I had seen it on PC (Chrome and Firefox) and GS7 phone (also Chrome and Firefox) with workable performance. But when shown to someone with an iPhone - the image, sound and video did not work properly - the sound and video launched in media players.
Has there been a discussion/checklist of what code to embed in the HTML, or other?? that can help me get these features working reliably in a real estate tour or another equivalent use case?
Thanks all - Matt

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