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Garden Gnome package viewer

Post by Bostjan » Thu Sep 28, 2017 9:51 am

I am ready with the project switching from "normal" mode to "cardboard mode" but when I tried to pack it into the Gardengnome package viever the "call" of cardboard mode doesn't work.
I dropped into the GGPV only the cardboard then but it doesn't split the screen, showing only one window... how to set that?

Additional: I wan't to use the tour for the cardboard offline on Android (Galaxy S8) , I transfered the project to the S8 folder and tired to run it from there ... but it doesn't work. It that even possible... I mean to use the p2vr tour offline on Android (I tried same on Windows phone Microsoft 940 xl , but it doesn't run eather. Any solutions about that?

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Re: Garden Gnome package viewer

Post by soulbrother » Mon Feb 19, 2018 2:22 pm

A "Garden Gnome Package Viewer for Android" would be fine, any news on that?
Or any other possible "solution" for viewing tours locally on android/apple mobiles, maybe in V6?

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Re: Garden Gnome package viewer

Post by Hopki » Tue Feb 20, 2018 10:12 am

This is very odd, I have a Galaxy S7.
I connect the phone to my Mac and using File Transfer copy the output folder, renamed (LayerMarney) to a folder I called Panorama.
So path is Panorama/LayerMarney
I then installed one of the free file manager apps and use this to navigate to the file and open the HTML page.
On first open it asked which browser should it use and should it use it all the time.
I said no as I wanted to test all the browsers I have on the phone to see what one was the best.

For me Firefox opens the panorama ok but I did need to add a fullscreen button in the cardboard output.
The button also needs to have a hide self action.

I know some have done the above but it did not work!
In Firefox settings there is a permission setting for local file security, so it blocks local files. You need to disable this.

Again I know this has works for people.
But as said for me I have never had any problems.

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