[SOLVED] Weird problem with touch input

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[SOLVED] Weird problem with touch input

Post by Hrvoje » Tue Jul 11, 2017 11:28 am


I have one weird problem.
This URL: http://www.krk360.com/ contains Google Map with clustering and my panoramas.
Click on any panorama opens it in Shadowbox window, and it works OK on
PC, Mac Android Phone or tablet, on iPhone and iPad

This URL is also displayed on one Windows powered touch screen enabled info panel.
When panorama is opened in shadowbox, when moving finger left and right, instead of panning it Zooms in and out.

I also have another Google Map in Joomla and one Google Map component -url removed-
If you click on Green Beach icons, it also opens popup with panoramas, but these works OK in info panel as well.
Moving finger in any directions pans panoramas, and pinch in and out zooms panoramas.

All panoramas are published with same settings in Pano2VR by using droplet option.

Did any of you ever encountered something similar?
What could be the reason for panoramas to wrongly interpret finger movement as pinch input?

Problem is that I don't have any windows powered touch device to test this and debug, except that big panel in the middle of town.

Any hint or suggestion is more than welcomed :)

Problem solved by enabling few settings IntuiFace player which is used for kiosk mode

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