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directional sound

Post by sndrgn » Wed Jul 05, 2017 6:29 pm

Hi at all,

I am preparing to buy the Pano2VR-Software and just had a look at the features. But there are some questions left, maybe someone can answer them:

I want to combine a virtual tour with sound. The sound should not be interrupted by changing from one point to another. Only if a point has a different sound, it should change. E.G. garden with birds sound, parking area with motor sounds, street with street sounds, etc. Is this possible?

Next thing I am interested is directional sound. I have a microphone with 4 small mics to record surround-sound. Is it possible to include sound, whose intensity is changing in relation to the point of view of the user? E.g. standing on a balcony listening to the city sounds and turning around listening the party noise. As I knew it is possible in KR Pano, but I never tried it.

Third thing: is there a VR-mode for Google Cardboard?

Thanks a lot,


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