Underground application: use of ArcGIS maps

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Underground application: use of ArcGIS maps

Post by Hans » Fri May 12, 2017 2:55 pm


This is my first post here although I have searched/used this forum many times as a tutorial and problem solver.

I'm currently working on a virtual tour for a research underground facility (http://www.grimsel.com/Virtual_Tours/) and would like to integrate a map of the site with GPS coordinates.

Once a geo-referenced map would appear in the tour, it would be easy to assign GPS coordinates to the individual panos (> 80 currently) and to set the North direction. Next step would be to include the "radar" option, and to use multiple map layers with different type of information (eg. geology, geological structures, hydrogeology).

Beeing subsurface, the use standard google map option does not work for me (Google shows the terrain surface which is ~400 m above) .
Pano2VR allows to chose ArcGIS as "map images provider" but I miss an enry field to place a link to the location of the specific map at the ArcGIS map server.

Did I miss something, or is the ArcGIS option still under development?

I'm greatful for any support.



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