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Posted: Sun Apr 09, 2017 8:39 pm
by visual360media
Hi all

I wonder if anyone could give feedback on this skin and tour. Just looking to see if it looks ok
on all devices and browsers etc. I see the tool bar moves off bottom on samsung anroid, no biggy
though. Also seems to stick at 65 % load for a bit, may be the still images need reducing in size.
Any other probs? Thank you.

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Posted: Mon Apr 10, 2017 5:55 am
by Tony
visual360media wrote:
Sun Apr 09, 2017 8:39 pm
I wonder if anyone could give feedback on this skin and tour.
Do you have a link?

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Posted: Mon Apr 10, 2017 7:26 pm
by visual360media

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Posted: Tue Apr 11, 2017 2:16 am
by Tony
I just checked it out on an iMac and in the latest Google browser and it loaded very quickly for me, location Adelaide, South Australia.

No issue with the menu bar.

One comment I would make is in regard to the popup images. Just after they open the background starts rotating which is a bit distracting when you want to look at the picture. Also on a large screen the close button is a long way from the image, perhaps attach it to one corner of the image.


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Posted: Tue Apr 11, 2017 6:06 am
by Svendus
Runs like a Charm here iPad Pro
Autorotate differs on difrent OS
a bit to fast for my taste i would try with 0.10

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Posted: Tue Apr 11, 2017 10:54 am
by wiso
wonderful tour!

works great on (win) firefox and IE.

great stiching of the panoramas. cannot find any failure.

the only thing i saw at once - maybe because i look at this intensified was the chromatic apperation . and i saw it at the start of the tour .
img_306.jpg (39.54 KiB) Viewed 2874 times
but you have to zoom in, and maybe you lock the zoom in range you will not find it.
people may not see it, and as i said i look special on this things.

it is a trouble with the chromatic apperation...

but realy great work,
best regards from vienna/austria,

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Posted: Tue Apr 11, 2017 5:45 pm
by 360Texas
For some forum members need to know what Chromatic Aberrations are.

The issue is with the LENS. Not to worry, almost all lenses have minor to major issues with Chromatic Aberration.

The image is RGB or red, green and blue layers or channels.

All the x,y pixel layers must align themselves properly for no aberration effect.
So pixel at position x=0 and y=0 (image upper left corner) all the RGB pixel layers must be direct over top

0,1,2,3,5,6 -> Red layer
0,1,2,3,5,6 -> Green layer
0,1,2,3,5,6 -> Blue layer

aberration occurs when the RED layer or channel is offset by 1 or 2 pixels pushing the 0 pixel offset and is seen in the image.

X,0,1,2,3,5,6 -> Red layer
0,1,2,3,5,6 -> Green layer
0,1,2,3,5,6 -> Blue layer

Photoshop and other graphic editors have a modules that will help to visually reset the red pixel layer back into place.
Photoshop's module is called Adobe Camera Raw Converter (ACRc). Converts Canon Raw .CR2 images to .tiff
ACRc tool is shown below:
Chromatic Aberration
Chromatic Aberration
acrca.jpg (70.92 KiB) Viewed 2867 times
Chromatic Aberration Gone
Chromatic Aberration Gone
acrcagone.jpg (69.14 KiB) Viewed 2867 times
JPEGs: Photoshop also corrects Chromatic Aberration (CA) in jpg images by using Adobe Bridge. Open Bridge and browse to the folder where your jpeg images are located. When we use our Sigma 8mm fisheye lens we shoot 4 image at 90° intervals. In Bridge (not shown) select the 4 image set and Photoshop will open ALL 4 using ACRc (instead of just one .jpg). In the Upper left corner click "SELECT ALL" for adjust 1 image and the changes are made in the remaining 3 images. SAVE AS (lower left ACRc corner) out to filename1 .jpg or .tiff. Now you have original jpg and 4 new corrected files with new names.

White balance may also be adjusted by selecting the eyedropper and clicking on a white object in the image. This tells the image "What is KNOWN white" and corrects the remaining other image colors accordingly. Miss colored light is caused by the area lighting might CFL flourescent, incandescent, LCD or newest light source LED OR normal outside daylight. OR a mix of different primary light sources.
White Balance
White Balance
acrwhite.jpg (93.25 KiB) Viewed 2867 times
But you probably already knew these techniques. Its worth the time to refresh the topic.

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Posted: Sat Apr 15, 2017 5:58 pm
by visual360media
Hi all

thank you for the great feedback, sorry not replied earlier as not on this forum much.
I'll look at the close cross and maybe lock to corner, thanks
As for CA, yes, am aware, maybe i overcooked theimages a little in photomatix!

Thanks again all and thanks for the CA refresh Texas.

Youll find me more active on the new facebook group now, here, thanks

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Posted: Sat Apr 15, 2017 6:09 pm
by visual360media

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Posted: Sat Apr 15, 2017 7:08 pm
by Svendus
Wow nice pano impressive
An-124 can carry super-heavy and oversized cargo up to 120 ton
wonder the weight of the whole thing when the weight of the full fuel tanks 200m3 are over 200 ton :?:

Regards Svendus

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Posted: Wed Apr 19, 2017 12:48 am
by KCMangan
Really Nice work.
What a class area to shoot.

My main observation is regards "uncanny valley" syndrome

The area is beautiful but when you put in meals with no people, wine with no joy, beds with no occupant, It feels odd.

I understand companies want to show everything but my own preference is to show a link of a slide show as opposed to "staging the plane"
Wrinkly pillows dont sell the area.Cold pasta looks worse.

My second observation is the placement of hotspots and zooms.Your hotspots are all at eyelevel, which in theory works great, but I had to click a few times to get to the end/start of the cabin and didnt quite know where I was with the zoom effects...all the time clicking on the same screen location.A floor based Hotspot would work better for me linked with a bit of text.

( a popup map of locations on plane would be even better)

Gorgeous work..