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Post by Hopki » Tue Jan 24, 2017 8:16 pm

Hi All,
For Facebook and using the embed_p2vr.ggt, you aways had to use a flash output to see your tour in the time line.
Two problems with this, one Facebook has stopped showing the Flash output, and two it wont be long before browsers stop support Flash so this has no future anyway.

If you don't have the embed_p2vr.ggt you can get it HERE.

However you can still use the embed_p2vr.ggt to embed an image in the time line that links to your HTML5 pano and you don't need secure hosting.
When the image in your time line is clicked it will open a new browser window or tab and show the Pano.
On the iPhone or iPad it opens a page with the back button to the original post, so working as it did before.

Note that the User Data Title from the pano is displayed in the timeline.

1 2.jpg
1 2.jpg (78 KiB) Viewed 8004 times
When you tap the image it changes to a new window with an easy to return back button.

2 2.jpg
2 2.jpg (64.69 KiB) Viewed 8004 times

This is the link in my Facebook and Twitter feeds.

Facebook Post
Twitter Post

If you don't have the embed_p2vr.ggt template please download it from here.
Add the template to the Html5Templates folder.
TIP: You can easily locate and open the folder by going to the Settings/Preferences and selecting the Files tab. Right click on the path and click, Open in Finder or Open in Explorer to open the directory.

Start a new project or open an an existing project you want to post to Facebook.
Then just fill out the parts highlighted in green in the template:

3.jpg (89.65 KiB) Viewed 8004 times

• Enter Host Name, I'm my test it was: hopkimedia.co.uk, or www.hopkimedia.co.uk, you don't need to add http://.

• Page Path, if you have renamed your output folder, in my example I used "iss2" just enter this here. I would set the output file name in the HTML5 output before you create the output, just right button click on the output file path and then you can edit.
Note my example has the iss2 folder in the root of my website. If you have subfolders, example: panoramas/iss2 then include this in the page path.

• Select the Preview image. Tip: output the project first so you have your output folder, then put your preview image in the folder first, size 800px x 420px, then select the preview image in your output folder, again in my case the path was: iss2/preview.jpg. Use Pano2VR transformation output. If you do this regularly then set up your preview images file path to your output folder, size and projection then file type, jpg then save it as a transformations output template.
Once tested and it is all working then save the HTML5 output as a template as this will save the settings in the embed_p2vr.ggt.

Upload to your server then once online copy the URL in the Facebook post, once the image has embedded you can remove the URL you typed in as the image and link will still be there. Add your text and publish.

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Re: Facebook

Post by Hopki » Thu Jun 21, 2018 11:40 pm

Additional information:

The Social template.ggt can be found on this page: https://ggnome.com/wiki/Embedding_and_f ... Pano2VR%29

Now what you have to do is ignore this page and just download the embed_p2vr.ggt template. The reason for this is Facebook did allow you to display a Flash project in your timeline but now Flash is also on the way out so no point. But what the template does allow is for you to do is display a nice preview without having to add all the metadata required.

• Download and install template.

• Select template then click the edit template button to get to its settings.

• Deselect all check boxes apart from Fullscreen, make sure this one is selected.

• Under Social sites settings add your Host Name. You DO NOT add the http:// part. My host is http://hopkimedia.co.uk so I enter: hopki media.co.uk

• Page path, this is the name of your output folder, in my case the name of the folder which is in the root of my hosting is: HeybridgeBasin. If it was not in the root you would add the path to the folder.

• My preview image which is an 800 x 480px.jpg made from the Transformation output is in the same folder which I named preview.
So the path to this is: HeybridgeBasin/preview.jpg
Click ok and publish.

I mentioned hoops to jump through.

• Once the project is published and uploaded to your host provider set your facebook post to only you, this is for testing.

• Paste in the link to your facebook timeline which must include the index.html page. Example: http://hopkimedia.co.uk/HeybridgeBasin/index.html.

• If all displays ok then delete the post, set it to friends or whatever you set for then post as normal pasting in the URL.

• Don't see the preview image, go to this page: https://developers.facebook.com/tools/debug/
Enter your link, in my example: http://hopkimedia.co.uk/HeybridgeBasin/index.html and click Debug.
Look for the Fetched URL.

• Make a new Only You post and use the fetched URL, you should now see the preview image.

• You can now delete, set your audience and post to your time line using the fetched URL.

I know this seems like a list of tasks, but takes about 30 seconds.


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