Basic doubt (HTML VIEWER )

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Basic doubt (HTML VIEWER )

Post by Dkumar » Wed Jan 18, 2017 6:46 pm

hello guys this is dharani kumar,

Thank you so much to the admin for adding me into this forum ...Loved this wonderful software for generating panoramas .....planning to create nice panos with some customized simple skins ...i have so many queries and so many doubts to ask and seek suggestions and feedback ......let me start my first day with simple two questions

" when ever i generate output (HTML OUTPUT) getting a new window popped up in my chrome browser ....can we jus toggle something in such a way that we can replace the new window with old one ....or else i have to keep on closing html windows in my chrome every single time i experiment something with settings and generate output.

Is it possible to generate a player kinda thing to test out panos while creating skins and customizing them ....that would be much easier right rather than all this html windows mess ....i saw some video gg channel but didnt find it userfriendly .....any one guys ?

Thanks in advance

Dharani kumar

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