Happy Holidays, Garden Gnome Package Viewer

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Happy Holidays, Garden Gnome Package Viewer

Post by Hopki » Thu Dec 15, 2016 1:17 pm

Happy Holidays,
As its the season for giving, we have a little package for you all, the Garden Gnome Package Viewer.
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This can be downloaded by you and your customers for offline viewing.
This works with our package format, GGPKG as well as being able to drag and drop the HTML page from the output folder.
The intention is your customers can download the Garden Gnome Package Viewer and you only have to send the the single file, GGPKG file.
It supports all the output features of Pano2VR 5 so Fullscreen, 360 video, Projections etc.

We have also added a hidden function to be used with care, once the package viewer is opened, double click in the "open file" box to show more options.
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Word of warning the Kiosk mode is hard to exit out of, you need to press cmd + Q on the Mac or press the windows button on the PC to exit the app in the task bar.
You can download the Package Viewer from here.

It just leaves me with task of wishing you all a joyous holiday season and a happy New Year!
The Garden Gnome Software Team,
Thomas, Karyn, Martin, Christoph


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