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Tue Dec 06, 2016 7:47 pm

Hi Hopki, I have the new 5 beta and am starting to figure it out but in watching your demo on Youtube https://youtu.be/uZ8HQU22rFM?list=PLiX2 ... nCLkFXbR2i 4:40 in, you open the animator and click on a clip and it pulls in your video. When I do that all i get is the initial still 360 and it never pulls in a video. I do have a still like you do in the demo in the main input area with the same location as a 360 equirectangular in the input video and when i output it works fine. (terrible quality) but it works. How can i get it to pull in the video to work in the timeline. Also once I get that working I want to put hotspot into the video so that I could open other stills or videos so is there a sample or demo to assist me with that. My client wants a 360 video with hotspots to open other "stationary" type feature videos to play.


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