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Sweet Home 3D Integration

Post by mikeb » Sun Dec 04, 2016 7:22 pm

This relates to viewtopic.php?f=6&t=9100&p=35662&hilit= ... +3d#p35662

A few years ago I discovered this wonderful free software called Sweet Home 3D for creating interactive floor plans. Well, actually most people probably create the 3D floor plan and make a JPEG or SVG version for there website or whatever. This is what was mention in the post I pasted above. The SVG or JPG output could easily be used in a Pano2vr skin.

What was NOT mentioned in the forum topic above is that the Sweet Home 3D software also includes a plug-in that allows you to generate code to import into your website. With this code, you have more than just a still image but can actually spin around the 3D view of your floor plan and see it from many different perspectives just like you can inside the actual Sweet Home 3D software. When I look at the source code that is generated I believe they are doing something similar to what Pano2vr does with the HTML5 output...looks like it uses the HTML5 canvas and webgl.

So, before I try to reinvent the wheel, I guess my question is, I am wondering whether anyone has tried to somehow integrate the code that gets generated from this plugin into a Pano2vr virtual tour. I am wondering if there's some way to take this code generated from Sweet Home 3D and then put it somehow inside the virtual tour, perhaps in the skin, in such a way that you could perhaps put hotspots inside the spinnable 3D floor plan.

I am not an extreme expert in all aspects of client-side programming, but I would think at the very least one could make it so that the spinnable Sweet Home 3D floor plan could sit/float on top of the virtual tour (maybe an iframe in a div floating above the virtual tour), but it sure would be cool if it could somehow be more closely integrated in such a way that actual hotspots could be inside the spinnable floor plan making it very interactive.

Sorry for being too wordy. If anyone has any thoughts or experience with this type of thing, in particular with the Sweet Home 3D plugin integrated somehow with Pano2vr, it would be great to hear what you have come up with. Thanks!

Kindest Regards,
Mike B
Melbourne FL USA

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