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Feature suggestion

Post by DaveM » Wed Nov 09, 2016 3:40 pm

I really like the skin editor in this new version since it allows all kinds of imaginative hotspots and features! Suggestion: in the next update, please include a feature that will allow the user to name the skin.js file, as is done for the skin images folder. In cases where all panorama files must be in the same folder on the server, different skins require different skin.js files. My workaround has been to rename skin.js, then edit the corresponding html files so the names are the same. Even if you use different folders for each pano tour, it would be much easier and less confusing if each skin had its own unique skin.js name, just as each skin can currently have its own images folder.

As simple example can be found on the following 2 links. Notice that for the antique picture, we don’t permit up/down movement since it’s a flat pano, but do permit up/down/right/left on other pictures. For a new design of this site that would use 3 different skins with multiple pictures, naming the skin.js file uniquely would make things less confusing.



Here’s a more complicated example of what I’m talking about. This little tour would be much easier to create and organize if the skin.js could be named uniquely since it features a panorama within a panorama and the files are in the same folder as other tours that use different skins. Using different folders for different tours sometimes gets real tricky when you must call for stills or video from different folders at different levels on the server. Hover over the BigDog icon to see mini pano, then click on it. Once the first spherical pano stops the fly-in, rotate 180 to see 2nd mini pano. Slide show in last panorama. I put it here:


Or even this (4 panos, no multimedia), which could be included in the same folder easily if I could change the skin.js name:


Thanks, Dave

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