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Mon May 23, 2016 6:11 pm

Converting equirectangle to cube face

A lot of discussion about cube face sequence and display order here in forum. Pano2vr documentation might be edited to update with this information. The drop down menu only shows the first and last image name. documentation might need to include the in between tile names

I converted one of our equirectangle image to a vertical cube strip because it shows stack of individual tiles.

Orientation is from standing behind the camera looking forward as seen through camera viewfinder.

Vertical cube face strip tile order is 1 Front, 2 Right, 3 Back, 4 Left, 5 Zenith Top, 6 Nadir Bottom. I now stand corrected I originally thought in error that 1 was to Left etc.

I am assuming all the remaining cube face conversions are in same order. Example, 0 - 5, 1- 6 Cross T, Horizontal Strip etc

Proof of cube order:
cubeorder.jpg (164.62 KiB) Viewed 1490 times
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