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Thu Mar 31, 2016 2:29 am

This is an update on the hotspot proxy issue I am seeing.
Hopki or Thomas, are you aware of this in the bug report or am I actually doing something wrong?

I created two hotspots - a poly and point hotspot.
I added a hotspot proxy ID for each within the skin editor that targets separate text boxes with info from the title/desc.

When I click on the point hotspot - nothing happens - per my notes below.
If I click on the poly hotspot first, it populates the text boxes correctly.
If I click on the poly hotspot first, then the point hotspot (nothing happens) until I click back on the poly hotspot
which populates the target with the point hotspot info.
Something isn't working properly as far as I can see.
I included a proxytestv2 with those files.

Any thoughts?



Hi all,

Something seems amiss in my proxy hotspots.

I have simply created a point hotspot and given it a unique ID.
In the skin editor, I created an item(text box) and added the unique ID to the hotspot proxy ID.
Then added a simple action.

However, it is not being triggered from the initial hotspot.

I included all the files if someone can have a look to see what is happening.

Thanks so much,
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Mon Apr 04, 2016 11:04 pm

Hi Geoffrey,
This is not a bug, to make the connection in the skin you need to have a hotspot template and hotspot image.
Open the skin and component toolbox and drag in one of the basic ht_node templates. By basic I mean one without the popup node image.
This will then work.
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