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Tue Mar 22, 2016 6:19 pm

I´ve been trying some experiments using Head mounted displays.

Case 1:

In a virtual tour using VR.ggt or Cardboard.ggt template I add a hotspot (ID: ht_info) linked to an information panel added to the skin. With this template after some seconds looking at the hotspot the information panel appears but only on the left side, of course I would like to open this panel in both sides. I´ve found a simple trick but maybe is not the best solution, inside

function stareNavigation()
if (found) {
if ((hotspotEnterTime+2000)< {

function hideInfo()
setTimeout(hideInfo, 5000);


Does anyone know a better choice ?

Case 2:

Similar to the previous case but working with audio, for example, in a virtual tour using HMD I would like to automatically open an audio file after navigating to another view.
Using a normal.ggt template an touching the hotspot on the screen works fine but when I try to navigate using HDM looking at the hotspot it doesn´t play any sound.
Also I´ve added a screen at the beginning reporting "Touch to start Virtual Tour", so when I touch the screen the first audio start playing.

Maybe it´s a great idea to open a post dedicated to advanced or tricks for HMD.
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