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Pano2VR 5 Head Mounted Display output.

Posted: Thu Feb 04, 2016 4:54 pm
by Hopki
With the Pano2VR 5 beta 5 update there is now a new skin called cardboard.ggsk and a new HTML template called cardboard.ggt.
These are now packaged with Pano2VR so it is no longer necessary to download and install the additional files.
To learn how to use the new template and skin please see the documents here.

The old V5 VR HMD files and How to, post can be found here.
If you have downloaded the VR template a stare skin in the past you can follow the steps in the old post to remove them.

Re: Switching in same node

Posted: Tue Aug 22, 2017 5:07 pm
by Hopki
If you want to switch between normal and cardboard views but stay in the same node then this project does this.
It uses Direct Node Access and you put the node information in the user data.
Also both outputs share the same output folder "output".
In the vr output you just change the name of the HTML page to vr.html.
You also change the name of the XML file to vr.xml and the skin to vr.js, both set under the Advanced tab.
Then you can use the same images and tiles for both standard and cardboard outputs.

Pano2VR 6.1 beta WebVR

Posted: Thu Mar 07, 2019 5:15 pm
by Hopki
With Pano2VR 6.1 beta we now have WebVR in the HTML5 output, I will refer to this as just VR.
With this update comes new Actions and Logic blocks.

Pano2VR 6.1 beta default skins, Simplex_v6 and Silhouette_v6 come with VR buttons but only display when viewed on a VR compatible device and VR is enabled. There are also new VR components you can use in the components tool box.

This said by default WebVR is enabled, you will see there is a new VR tab in the HTML5 output, here is where you can disable VR if you do not want to see the VR button in VR compatible devices.

The buttons can show and hide depending on device thanks to a new logic block trigger: VR Available.
There is also a VR Active logic block which is reserved for future development but it speaks for itself.
These are all found under Trigger heading, Player.

The VR button in the v6 skins and component has the visible logic block, VR Available, = true, visible: true.

The new actions can be found under the action, Fullscreen/VR.
This has the options of:
Enter VR
Exit VR
Toggle VR
At this moment in time we are only using Enter VR.

This makes it very simple to build a VR compatible tour, build a tour as normal adding hotspots.
If using one of the default skins you don't have to do anything, just open the tour in VR compatible device.
Example if you open it on a phone, the VR button will show and when selected will prompt you to rotate to landscape and put it in a cardboard device.
This will then use stare navigation.

Open the tour in say an Oculus GO, use the browser to open the URL, the panorama will display showing the VR button.
Click the VR button to enter VR mode. When inside the panorama you will be able to use the hand controller and click on the hotspots to change nodes.
Features when using a Head Mounted Display with hand controller are:
• Thumb pad tap to give hotspot location hint
• Thumb pad swipe to rotate the panorama

The idea behind the swipe to rotate the panorama is if you are sitting, you can just rotate the pano to see behind you.