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Wed Nov 25, 2015 7:26 pm

Hello All,

Here is my latest challenge.

I'm finalizing a skin for real estate listings, but the thing is with real estate is, you need on skin that has realtor logos and links that they can use on their own site,
and another with no logo or branding for the generic MLS tour (this is the tour that will be linked through, etc.)

So in my output folder, I would like to add a folder named "mls" and include the skin details that have no logos or branding, but for that site to use the tile
folder in the root of the output folder.

I've played around with the options in Pano2VR v5, but it always re-creates the tiles folder.
I also looked in the xml files to see if I could "hack" the path, but could not see where I could do that.

The reason for this is the tour can be big, like over 300mb, and would rather not have to put up duplicate tiles and eat up space on my website.

Here is an example of one I would like to do this with: ... eWoodRoad/

Thank you for your time,

Sean B. Halliday
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Wed Nov 25, 2015 11:15 pm

Hi Sean
If you have Pano2VR Pro then this is very easy to do.
Set up the project file with two html5 outputs. Both have the same output folder name, example: "output".
The first output has skin 1 with logo. Set the HTML tabs file path output/logo/index.html.
The second output has skin 2, no logos. Set the HTML tabs file path: output/none/index.html.
Publish out the project.

The output folder with have the tiles folder which will be common for both outputs as well as the XML file.
Then in each of the two sub folders, logo and none, will be the HTML page as well as supporting files.

All you have to do now is upload and use different URLs,

Each will have a different skin. :-)
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