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Pano2VR 5 beta

Posted: Mon Sep 07, 2015 6:14 pm
by DaveM
Is there a way to set the default folder for rectilinear transformation to the current work folder without having to set the folder manually each time? Or am I missing something? In version 4, the rectilinear output (for a thumbnail, for instance) automatically goes to the folder that the input pano came from. Thanks. Another suggestion is that the border for a window, such as the map window popup, needs to be a color that contrasts with the color of the main window, otherwise, for instance, it is difficult to find the x to cancel the map window. Thanks again for this great prgm.

Re: Pano2VR 5 beta

Posted: Sun Dec 06, 2015 11:46 pm
by Hopki
Hi Dave,
You can set up a transformation output and then set it up as a template.
This will save all the settings.

Re: Pano2VR 5 beta

Posted: Mon Dec 07, 2015 1:54 am
by DaveM
Thanks. Dave