Isle of Man 360

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Isle of Man 360

Post by manxjon » Wed Dec 12, 2012 11:32 pm

Still under development but would like to share my site which is an extensive Virtual Tour and location based guide of the island.

The site is designed to be viewed on Desktop and Mobile and I have successfully tested on numerous devices.

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Re: Isle of Man 360

Post by 360Texas » Thu Dec 13, 2012 4:10 pm

Using PC/ IE 9 web browser:

Good: interesting page. BIG Pictures. Mouse over hotspot 'Text TIPS" display.

Opportunities discussion: When I mouse over the center of the page I see destination tooltip displays denoting the next page. I do not see the actual hotspot graphic. The click goto page function works. Are your hotspot graphics .SVG's or .PNG's ? Could be your server needs the .SVG Mime.

Are there panoramas to be seen by the visitor? Will try different browser like Safari or Firefox, chrome to see it the hotspot graphic is displayed?

It appears that:
Using firefox I can click near browser window center and click a blank area and drag... then I see a 50% transparent thumbnail (no tooltip displayed on mouse over) and I can drag it but it goes away after mouse click release.

Using Safari for PC 5.1.7 no clickable objects.
Using Chrome no clickable objects.

Its like all your hotspots and thumbnails might be behind the upper right menu layer and hidden.
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