Solar Panoramas - simple Demo pano setup

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Solar Panoramas - simple Demo pano setup

Post by 360Texas » Thu May 24, 2012 1:34 am

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Just finished a simple set of panoramas for a client over in Weatherford, Texas specializing in Solar products.

Normal Pano2VR simple setup -
html5/CSS3 for iPhone, iPad and Safari desktop full screen
PC's and Android smart phones with Flash plugin fall back

Enviornmental Cars - Chevy plug-in Volt and our 2012 Toyota Pruis -V produced with HDR bracketed image sets
Trackers [Means automatically turns with the sun] Solar Panel decks and Wind turbine produced using 6m (18 foot) Agno's pole and NN Ultimate R1.

Canon 5d and Sigma 8mm 4 around horizon. Tripod cap done in Photoshop.

Tested with iphone 4s, HTC Evo 4g Android 2.3.4 with Flash 11, iPad 3, PC Browsers, Safari 5.1.7, Mozilla Firefox 10, Chrome 18 and IE9. All seem to work well.

Are we having fun yet ?? I think Yes. Client likes them too.

All Comments welcome.

Have fun:
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Re: Solar Panoramas - simple Demo pano setup

Post by zap » Tue Apr 09, 2013 12:44 pm

Nice shot.
Nothing spectacular yet from the location

except for the fact that I suppose this is a pole pano. Right?

This setting would be perfect I guess for adding interactive videos, object2Vr showing the rotating panels etc. but certainly most clients wouldn't pay for that...

Nevertheless a good work
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