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My biggest tour yet - five levels and 66 image nodes

Posted: Wed Apr 28, 2021 6:42 pm
by phil
Hi all

Here is my latest tour. I have tried to take on some of the comments from my previous offering.

- navigation - I have added a little house with floor switchers. Ideally I would like to have the floor I am on highlighted, any tips on doing this would be good.
- going further - I have linked to the estate agent home page with a subtle logo down bottom right, and I have put a text link top right to take you to the property listing.
- stitching - I bought the MiSphere convertor app and used that this time to stitch the images, rather than use the native Xiaomi app, it seems to have done it better.

I think that I could have used a greater range for my bracketing as the HDR still has not got enough detail in the bright areas. I use +/- 1. I think I will use +/-2 next time

A couple of improvements I would like to make
1 - have it so that when I go from node to node, the view is in the direction of travel on the new node,
2 - have a responsive map so that it can be smaller on a mobile phone
Any tips on how to do either greatly appreciated