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Bodie, CA - 360 Town Tour

Posted: Thu Oct 25, 2018 8:32 pm
by ThirdRock
First a HUGE thank you to Garden Gnome for such a great product. I created this in Pano2VR Pro 6 beta 5.

This project has 163 photospheres, 29 videospheres. These photospheres were captured in 12k 360 (1080P from any viewing angle) I have stepped the photospheres down so they should load well enough (I may release higher quality at a later date), the videospheres were captured in 8k 360 (1080P from any viewing angle), the quality of the videospheres have been need more work as I wish I had an alpha channel on videos, as I would trace the talent and overlay on the higher quality photosphere to reduce the file size to have quality video on top of the quality photo, the flat stills are from 24Mb DSLR and just placed so people can look around.

Tour path logic from the street to inside the school and back out is by design, so it would be nice to hear if I was able to create a logical path to not get stuck in a LOOP of school house only path.

I am seeking recommendation on BIG problems. I will be clicking on each of the photospheres correcting the small things of alignment over the next few days, and color matching the video to the HDR photospheres.

I have more content that I may add, but I also am looking forward to posting this for all to see soon.

Thanks in advance,


Re: Bodie, CA - 360 Town Tour

Posted: Fri Oct 26, 2018 5:01 pm
by 360Texas
Your project is great !!! Thank you for the show and tell today.

The panoramas with video clip with audio also works very well to enhance the tour. I listened and understood all the person was telling me.

The panoramas loaded fast (we have high speed 1 gigabyte fiber optic connection)

I liked your point hotspot graphics...well done. The helped me get around on the site.

A written geographic location (map) might be added to the tour. As a tourist I might like to know how to get there.

Very interesting presentation. Well thought out tour. You definitely have a story to tell. Will your presentation be used online so the Public can visit ?

Constructive Thinking out loud.
Some things you might like to do to enhance the tour:

We kind of got lost and wished there was a button to goto the beginning to start over. Maybe a drop down menu showing a clickable list of major locations like "Go To beginning, Church and different building Names would help.

White balance the imaging. Using your photo editing software (we use Photoshop)... you would click a click an eye dropper and select a known WHITE object in the panorama and it would color correct the image. Your imaging reminds me Nikon DSLR would produce images that had a BLUE cast. White balancing should fix this blue issue.

Imaging could be sharpened a bit.

Good Job ! Thanks for the show and tell.

Re: Bodie, CA - 360 Town Tour

Posted: Sat Oct 27, 2018 9:26 pm
by ThirdRock
Thank you for your detailed response.

I am working on changing the skin to be drop down with sections as it is easy to miss parts of the park. I just posted my first go at it. I added two little boxes in the upper right hand corner to popup a map and turn off all markers, I will change to correct looking icons after the weekend.

This is (if have the URL) open to the public, but I will be linking it to my company VLOG as a sample of what can be done. I do think the park foundation will want to direct people to it, but we will see. I will add a little who/what/why so if anyone gets to the tour, they will know what they are looking at.

Re: Bodie, CA - 360 Town Tour

Posted: Sat Oct 27, 2018 10:04 pm
by 360Texas
YES ! great menu approach.

Our thought is... people need to get quickly to the information they need. That menu does exactly that.

AND I can choose all menu 193 panoramas. WOW that was automagic and you created that quickly.

I suspect you know about the 3 dot control feature at bottom center.

MAPs The two purple squares in upper right are not visible when first loading the tour. IF they are to be on the first panorama... the squares might be far down into the skin element tree. Skin element tree items closer to the top of the list are visible

After opening the 3 bar menu I found the 2 map boxes in upper right corner. They are 2 purple squares .. left box does not appear to function. Right box toggles OPEN/Close the MAP.... WOW no wonder I could have gotten lost. Do these two boxes have ICON graphics ? If they are graphics.. it could be that the graphics did not get uploaded to your server.

I like your Mouse tail graphic.

Yes, I did test the site for 'Responsive design'. Great. Should work well on smartphones.

Look forward to seeing final color corrected panoramas. Do you use Photoshop? We are still using older PS CS6. In Skype I can do a show and tell to help you.

Thank you for adding the updates.

Skype contact: "iam360texas"

Re: Bodie, CA - 360 Town Tour

Posted: Sun Oct 28, 2018 4:16 pm
by 360Texas
I did visit your company website "shown in the Nadir".

Your company uses drones and video panoramas.
We worked on a construction project over in East Oregon - Hermiston Oregon for about 3 years before returning to Texas.

Visited your sites Vlog page. 1997 I took our first (Sigma 8mm circle fisheye / Nikon 990 at Crown point. Did not turn out very good was still learning the workflow. Have you ever thought about creating a tour up the Columbia River all the way up to the Washington State Tricity area Richland, Kennewick Pasco. Or a tour up to Mount St. Helens ? These would be good day trips.

Re: Bodie, CA - 360 Town Tour

Posted: Sun Oct 28, 2018 5:47 pm
by ThirdRock
I did fly a prime lens on my drone over Vista house to capture the stills for the 3D model. The agreement with the client allowed me to use the content that is below a C- for personal promotion, this works well enough to allow me to show what I can do in photogrammetry, but if I could release the A+ final you would go WOW, WOW! My VLOG is always falling behind as time is hard to find, but I will update it to show a high detail 3D model creation that I have rights to.

Mount St. Helens is on the schedule for next spring, as we are approaching the 40th anniversary in 2020. It took 3 months of paperwork with 5 million of insurance to get approval. I considered hiring a full size helicopter as it was such a paperwork pain.

I am off to Hawaii early next month to scout a site and I will be taking 360 photo/video as I am bringing my DJI Matrice 600 Pro to carry the Insta360 Pro, I just hope the weather works as bringing this big bird is a pain.

I visited your gallery, nice work. I was hoping to watch the 2016 Looking for Alligators, but it did not play.

Re: Bodie, CA - 360 Town Tour

Posted: Sun Oct 28, 2018 7:05 pm
by 360Texas
You are 2nd person to mention "Alligators" 360° video clip does not work.
He was using a Apple cell phone.
I know it works on android and PC.

While working in Hermiston OR, we drove over to St Helens... steep drive up to the Park observation point. We could see but not get to the crater. Could see the lake. Your right gotta be at higher elevation to see anything worthwhile.

Re: Bodie, CA - 360 Town Tour

Posted: Mon Nov 19, 2018 10:29 pm
by JFrehr
Hi Steven

Humongous tour! Nice job!
I absolutely love your videos inside the pano. I want to learn that!.
Can yoy or anyone else direct me to a ressource where I can learn how to do it?

Re: Bodie, CA - 360 Town Tour

Posted: Tue Nov 20, 2018 3:52 am
by ThirdRock
I use Pano2VR 6 beta 5 Pro, so I am not sure if this a ver 6 Pro only feature, please respond if you make it work on your version.

Place photosphere as normal >> click that photosphere in the tour Browser >> Click on the Properties icon >> under Input Video: click on the folder icon to link the xxxxx.m4v video file. You can add the optional xxxxxx.WebM of the same video so you work on most browsers. NOTE: if you have a MARKER or other ITEM selected, then you will not see the "Properties - Input" context.

Re: Bodie, CA - 360 Town Tour

Posted: Tue Nov 20, 2018 10:15 pm
by Hopki
Hi Guys
To use Equirectangular 360 video this is a Pano2VR 6 feature.
You just need to open teh video, Pano2VR will extract a frame automatically.
But use MP4 not all browsers support webm video.