Object2VR for old laboratory equipments

Panos/Objects created with Pano2VR/Object2VR/Pano2QTVR. You are welcome to post your recent creations here.
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Wed Oct 14, 2015 8:59 pm


I would like to give you an example of use of Object2pano.

I'm an assistant professor at University of Pau (France), and I preserves the old (from 1950 to today, in fact) laboratory equipments and mineralogical collections.
http://cst.univ-pau.fr/live/Patrimoine/ ... -virtuelle
(it is in french… click on the name of instrument or mineral)

Object2VR is very useful for me. I can make these apparatus "more alive" with 360° views, and add short description when click on (i) button.

I use only few functions of Object2VR, but in the future I would like to add more interaction in view, for example play a sound when clicking on a button of an apparatus, of switch on/off the instrument when clicking of the right button, etc.

Do you know similar works elsewhere? (Museum or University?) Thank you.

Hope you will enjoy this!

Post scriptum: bonjour aux francophones qui passent sur ce forum :wink:
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Sun Oct 18, 2015 7:31 pm

I have read your comment and viewed your really great Object2vr site.

I did try to locate other forum members websites and I found a few site but they were not using sound audio.

I will keep looking.
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Sat Oct 31, 2015 7:50 pm

Some years ago I did some objects for a museum

the most interesting ones are here now
http://www.lecce360.com/riccio-preistorico prehistoric hedgehog
http://www.lecce360.com/uovo-preistorico prehistoric egg
http://www.lecce360.com/conchiglia shell
http://www.lecce360.com/argonauta Argonaut

the museum is this http://www.museomissionariocinese.org

I hope to have the time to convert all in a more fashionable way.
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