Champion Baker Paul Berntsen - Didam NL

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Tue Jun 09, 2015 9:31 pm

Small virtual tour of four panoramas through a bakery. (foto's 02-2014/Nikon D7100/Sigma 8mm/NN R1/4 round 90º no Nadir)

The baker's craft is in the blood of Paul Berntsen. He represents the fifth generation of bakers in the family. After his baker training, he gained experience in the profession in different locations, to take over a bakery in Didam in 1992. In no time he was proclaimed champion of the Netherlands and later to (almost) bakery of the year. Since then Berntsen calls himself rightly "Champion Baker".

In 2004, Paul and his wife rebuild the business into a super modern bakery with shop, his time is still far ahead. Pauls aim is therefore still to be the best. But the title "boss of the year" which he dragged on hold in 2006, he still preferred. Because in the end it's all about the people - and of course the love for the profession.

Many thanks to Martin Hopkins for his kind help with embedding the videos in the skin.
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