HighEnd VR Tour

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HighEnd VR Tour

Post by soulbrother » Sun Sep 08, 2019 3:28 pm

Hi.... higher... Highend!

OK...... seriously:
I created a second, very elaborate design, which I call - in all modesty, but nevertheless - a Pano2VR master class piece*.

It is optimized for PC, Laptop, etc.. - it's not perfect for touchscreens.

Let's go:

It is not finished yet (work in progress) and I am grateful for all comments and hints.

Take a look at the Pano.Control.panel - I designed it in the style of a CD player, or so...

Another nice gadget is included, I called it: Pano.Fader.Pro - hopefully you'll find it ;-)

*My first piece of the "Pano2VR masterclass" is an extremely elaborate virtual tour in a theatre, which contains a search and prize game.
This is almost finished and will be released in October, hopefully... ;-)

If someone is interested in a (very complex!) Pano2VR Masterclass Training - with my two elaborate VR Tours as examples for practice - is welcome to contact me from November on.

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Re: HighEnd VR Tour

Post by Hopki » Sun Sep 08, 2019 3:48 pm


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