Virtual tour of the university of Life Sciences

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Virtual tour of the university of Life Sciences

Post by lveerde » Tue Aug 07, 2018 9:30 pm

New tour, made with pano2vr is live. Estonian University Of Life Sciences.
http://procontent-tuurid.s3.amazonaws.c ... ur/en.html

Some highlights regarding the skin. Its quite simple, not very meny elements. But still takes long time to get everything right and (almost) pixel perfect.

New for this tour is the use of 360-degree video. There are three 360 videos in this tour. For example you can find one of them at the menu:
Institute and College of Technology > Laboratory of Electrical Engineering.

Also the main menu has a new structure in mobile view. You can view it also on desktop if you make the browser window smaller. The main advantage of this structure: it is very easy to add more menu elements. Also the main menu in desktop contains 3 layers so that i can add more University Units later easily.
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