Incorrect .swf filename when using droplet to create html

Specific Q&A about the new Flash export
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Sun Oct 28, 2007 2:55 pm

Although the droplet definition allows the $f filename convention for the thumbnail name and the html filename to be used successfully if rewuired, the html code that is created refers still to the equi input filename that is used by pano2qtvr to define the default output pano name. Thus the html that is created continues to refer to the same .swf filename that was used to define the droplet in the first place, whereas, of course, the thumbnail and html filename ARE defined appropriately.

Additionally - this mostly works as described if hotspots are DISabled in pano2qtvr. If ENabled, the code that executes from the droplet fails when it seeks the _hs filename. Clearly hotspots themselves need to be defined manually for each pano, but wouldn't it be a good idea if a default, empty hotspot file were created by the droplet if hotspots are enabled in the initial droplet definition? Then it's the users chice whether to go back and insert hotpots if ever required?

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