_x and _y positions of Hotspots (using container.fla)

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Tue Oct 23, 2007 12:31 pm


creating a HotSpot with the container.fla uses the settings (aid,apan,atilt,hstext,nid) and i have no problem to set them. I assume that the function "addHotspot" is included in the panorama.swf created with Pano2QTVR.

My purpose is to know the _x and _y positions of a hotspot on the screen, not the Pan and Tilt... for example, it would help to load a MovieClip from the hotspot inside the container.swf. If it is about a Click event, i could use the _xmouse settings, but i want the MovieClip to start from an exact position in the Hotspot, not from the cursor.

Thanks for any clues