need help! Mouse cursor issue with pano!

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Mon Sep 17, 2007 11:45 pm

as you see below. I am trying to change the mouse to a hand cursor when the mouse is over the pano...and back to arrow when off.

well it starts out nice... the arrow comes up , then when i roll over the pano it work too. but when i go back outside, the hand stays and does not go away. i am using the same code that i used to turn it on..why not off? when i do this with out the pano it works... the pano for some reason makes it work wierd...

can ANYONE help :) please. I have two other simular posts , like 30 people view them but no answer , does anyone know what I am doing wrong? Thomas??

thank you! I hope to get some kind of yes or no this is possible we might not be able to sell this to a huge client.... thank you!

obj1_x = getProperty("/vr", _x);
obj2_x = getProperty("/outside", _x);
delta_x = obj1_x-obj2_x;
obj1_y = getProperty("/vr", _y);
obj2_y = getProperty("/outside", _y);
delta_y = obj1_y-obj2_y;
if (Number((Number(delta_x*delta_x)+Number(delta_y*delta_y)))<=Number(((Number(radius1)+Number(radius2))*(Number(radius1)+Number(radius2))))) {
/:output = "inside pano";

startDrag("", true);
_root.mc_cursor._visible = 1;

} else {
/:output = "outside pano";;
startDrag("", false);
_root.mc_cursor._visible = 0;