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Wed Aug 22, 2007 7:43 pm

Hola, tengo una gran duda, os explico que me ocurre.
Tengo unas fotos de un armario con tres cajones. en total tengo 4 fotos ya que una es el armario con los cajones cerrados y una foto de cada cajon abierto por separado.

Estoi intentando hacer hotspots entre la foto del armario y cada foto con los cajones abiertos por separado y de momento no hay problema.
el problema biene cuando de las fotos de los cajones abiertos quiero hacer un hotspot a la foto inicial (la del armario conlos cajones cerrados)

alquien puede orientarme un poco?

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Wed Aug 22, 2007 9:51 pm

Hola Heli9aca, Da la bienvenida al Forum

And my Easy Translator Deluxe software translated the above to read:

Hello, I have a great doubt, I explain you that occurs me. I have some photos of a cabinet with three drawers. in total I have 4 photos since an is the cabinet with the drawers closed and a photo of each case opened by separated.

Estoi trying to do hotspots among the photo of the cabinet and each photo with the drawers you opened by separated and for the time being there is not problem. the problem biene when of the photos of the open drawers I want to do a hotspot to the intial photo (that of the cabinet conlos drawers closed)

Alquien can orient me a little?

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