Object Movie will not play nice with Panorama

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Mon Jun 25, 2007 8:31 pm

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I have a object movie and a panorama that I want to run in the same move at different points activated by different buttons. Whichever of the two I select first runs fine but the other will not. So I took them and loaded them into the demo code from :
using the existing (provided with the demo) fountain.swf, another pano.swf and objectmovie.swf I run into the same problem, if I put the object movie swf in the opening slot so that it appears first when the application is run, then I can't get either of the panos to appear. If I put one of the panos in the opening slot, I can get both of the panos to run fine, but the object movie will not appear. Any thoughts on this mystery?

Thanks for any help