need some help.. as3 and swf, etc

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Wed Jun 17, 2009 9:59 pm

need some help getting this to work... you can see the 'in progress' here:

2 problems...

#1: within the pano, if you click on the map, it works fine, the little dot changes to the correct position, and the corresponding swf file loads up nicely...

HOWEVER, if you click on a HOTSPOT, the little dot does not change position on the map. how can i fix this?? I followed the pano tutorials to get it to work as it is, but I'm not clear how to make a hotspot change the dot..

#2: problem is I used the code I found here on garden gnome to put a pano file in AS3 in flash. ok, got that part. now, how do I go to another pano WITHOUT RELOADING the whole swf? like when I navigate from the map, the pano loads another pano swf file, shows its own preloader etc. how do i tell the loaded pano file to load another pano in the same way?

really need help with this.... thanks in advance,