fast transitions between panoramas

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Wed Jan 24, 2007 11:32 am

We are making offline project with a lot of big panos (1024x768, 1.5 mB) and hotspots for transitions between them.
And we need to make transitions fast and almost imperceptible for users.
In main swf library we have a movies that is playing while transition.

The problem is that we can not do that as we need.
We tested several ways:
1. To load next pano at runtime after user press hotspot and to play transition movie while it is loading. The problem here is very slow frame rate of trans movie.
2. To load pano after trans movie finished. The problem here is delay and white screen before loaded pano starts playing.
3. To preload several panoramas into separate movieclips, and change them dynamically. That way is full of problems - very slow performance, bugs with wrong panos in needed movieclips...

If someone could advice something for our problem solution, it would be nice.

By the way... maybe feature request: if would be possible to generate swf with multiple panorama clips in its library to attach and remove them at runtime - it would be great.