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Specific Q&A about the new Flash export
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Thu Jan 04, 2007 10:33 am

Hello Forum,

Because Pano2QTVR has not only the option to create Flash movies but also has a lot of other options that are useful for me I recently bought a license for Pano2QTVR Pro with Flashpack (beta 9).

Although the basics about creating QTVR panos are easy to understand and familiar for me this is not the case for the Flash part.
I need to know a few more things about the Flashpack to get a grip on the application. I know that there will be published a Flash dedicated tutorial very soon but I doubt if my questions will be covered.

1) Is it possible to convert 1:1 an existing QTVR into a Flash movie without loosing quality ? (so without re-compressing the cube tiles)

2) How can I set a slower auto rotation speed then "1" (on big screens and on slow computers a full screen pano is turning very jerky)

3) Pano2QTVR is installed on my MacBookPro with Parallels and XP Pro. On this computer the Flash movie is running fine both in OSX as XP in all browsers.
When running the same (full screen) Flash movie on my iMac G5 (2 GHz-2GB ram) then, in all browsers, the movie is very badly responding on the mouse. When I manually turn the pano for a short track then it keeps turning in all directions, sometimes just for a few seconds but very often forever until I force quit the browser. I like to know how I can tackle this issue (OSX 10.4.8 and Flash 9.0028 installed).

4) I tried the settings "no border" and "with stage" but those settings seems to have no effect in full screen display, and when using the option "sensitivity" (with enabled mass simulation) there seems to be no difference between the "low" and "high" setting. Are these options depending on other Flash settings ?

5) How can I create my own HTML template to reduce post authoring of the HTML files ?

This are a lot of questions but I am sure that for most of them there is a simple answer.

Regards, Wim.