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Specific Q&A about the new Flash export
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Feel free to EDIT to Modify and correct this work flow.

Ok, I think I figured out the work flow.

Here is the finished Flash pano.. so you can see the results. Notice the small logo (no function "controller" called 360.swf) in the lower left corner of the 800 x 450 pixels viewer window. ... es/hd.html

Pano2QTVR-Flashpack Version beta 2

Create a small Flash .swf containing your company logo. I used Flash MX. This is occupying the lower left corner "controller" space in the viewer.

Create a new project file I called mine flashpano.pqp

Click on the Setting TAB. I used these settings

Tile Settings
Cube face = 0 auto
subdivision 5 x 5
Quality 90

Movie Properties
Window size 800 x 450 px (I use 1024 x 768 dual monitors)
Preview Track = Enabled
Resolution 1:8
Protection and compressed headers = not selected
Optimization = selected
Quality= Low and Max for Static

Stitcher Settings
Gamma = 1.0
Interpolator = Spline36

Viewing Parmaeters
All default except
FoV Max = 110, Start = 70, Min = 60

Click the Additional Sprites TAB

Import Files as Sprites
1: path to sprites folder and select (needed for MOV not Flash but you will need to insert your 'Controller/logo' .swf here.

Click EDIT
Click [...] button and select your 'controller/logo.swf
Select [x] visible
left = 0, top= 312, width=158, height 56, Blend = Transparent, Color = white.
The width and height is the physical size of your 'controller/logo'. swf

[x] to return to Additional Sprites tab

Click the FLASH Tab

Flash window size, tile size Jpeg quality and viewing direction are taken from the 'Settings' Tab

Quality = 9 , check select [x] automaitc decrease when removing

[x] Enabled Delay = 3 seconds. On mouse over the Flash panorama.. it automatically starts rotating. I think this is a delay in rotation

[x] only if in focus, Speed = 1 (Min/Max rotation speed is 1 slowest to 10 fastest rotation)

Return to horizon = 0 % Not sure what this does - maybe on the normal < > + - [reset] controller bar this resets the panorama back to the 'initial view' location

External Controller
Controller file: place your controller/ flat logo .swf file name in this box. When you upload your finished Flash Panorama .swf file that this controller/logo .swf must be in the same folder otherwise it will not be displayed in the Flash viewer.

OUTput File
Browse to the final folder location where you want to save your flash panorama. [the controller/logo.swf must be manually copied to this same folder]

[x] open after creation
Click the [Create Flash] button

Click the Helpers Tab

Template [^] select normal_flash.html
click [create HTML]

On the TOP Tool Bar button [save the current project]

Feel free to EDIT to Modify and correct this work flow.
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