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Specific Q&A about the new Flash export
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Tristan Shu
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Fri Nov 24, 2006 11:39 pm

Hi all,

i've decided to change my usual static way of displaying my panoramas icons by replacing them with little (120x96 pixels) flash VRs, inspired by:

here is the orginal page:
http://www.tristanshu.com/01-prestation ... tuelle.htm

here is the currently-in-work one:
http://www.tristanshu.com/01-prestation ... custom.htm

the weight of my page went from 162 ko to 626 ko, lucky thomas included a loader bar... but well that's not really my problem here.

There are 2 things i'm unhappy with:
- the quality of the pans, there is an unpleasant glittering effect goin on when it's panning, a bit like when you over sharp your panoramas in fullscreen qtvr. the flash VRs were generated from the orginal 6000x3000 equi files, sharpened just right. i havent tried with unsharpened orginals, as i cant get my hands on those versions right now.

flash quality was set at 8, automatic decrease when moving and dynamic stage rendering quality were ticked, and scale with stage was unticked.
interpolator was sinc1024, tiles quality set at 60, 120x96 pixel render for a 139pixel cube size (following optimal pano2qtvr suggestion).

how can i get rid of this glittering effect ?

- i can see white lines on the side of the cube, as the scene is rotating (autopan or manual pan). where is that coming from ? size is multiple of 8, ie 120x96 pixels...

how to get rid of those unwanted lines?

on the inspiration page, http://www.sphericalimages.com/bestgall.htm, there is a little glittering effect (but so little compared to mine), and you dont see white lines on the side of the cubes...

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Chief Gnome
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Mon Nov 27, 2006 3:27 am

You can avoid this effect if you use a anti aliasing filter like Mitchell or Lanczos2/3. The white lines are a different problem. They appear because I have optimized the rendering for large panos. Beta7 will fix this problem. I hope I can release it this week. (really ;)).
MfG, Thomas